Right now, my body is hella aching from my long weekend. But you know, no regrets, just love. And yes, much love and huge thank you to all the people that I spent the long weekend with! Definitely a great way to start the countdown to 2013. :)

113012: Sinha Bahia Capoeira (SBC) General Assembly / Farewell to Club 650!

(Photo from Ces Ramos!)

I started out with SBC when I was in sophomore year of high school (back when SBC was still Grupo de Action Capoeira (GAC)). I remember the first time I tried out Capoeira — it was just a crash course / one-day class for PE. I got hooked after that day. I was part of the Amezcua Teens branch and when that closed, I transferred to Club 650. 

It felt good to be back at the blue mats of Club 650 after 3 years of not training (because of school). I didn’t think I would end up training that night because I didn’t have my complete uniform on. But my coach, Leao (Joseph), handed me a pair of pants and said, “you’re training”. And I was like “Oh, shit.” And because I had not trained in 3 years, OF COURSE, my body hurt like crazy! And I only played one game and even there, I got my butt kicked at my last roda at Club 650. But I super enjoyed myself. No regrets, just love.

If I were to boil down all my memories with SBC to just one, it would have to be the day that we were learning how to cartwheel. I kept on complaining that I wouldn’t be able to do a cartwheel. But my coach, Mariachi (Pipo), told me: "Take the "t" away from "cant". You CAN do it, Cinta!” And that kind of mentality stuck with me ever since. GAC/SBC taught me that I CAN DO ANYTHING! Obrigada, camaras! Axe!

120112: Loyola Film Circle (LFC)’s Yule Ball 2012

My friend, Nico, invited me to be his date to LFC’s Yule Ball which had a 20’s theme to it. I had a lot of fun with Table 9! HAHA! :)) Was super shocked that Nico and I got called on during the awarding ceremony for being “Best Dressed”. Whee! Went home with a tiara! Aww, yeaaah. :> I did not slow dance which was good cos 1) my body was still aching, and 2) all the slow songs just made all these old memories rush in. The feels, my goodness. #KiligDemon HAHA! :)) But yeah, no regrets, just love. Thank you, Nico! Super enjoyed! :)

120212: Nike’s We Run MNL 10k 2012

First off, the VIP wristband was super useful! Was easy to deposit baggage and we ended up in the front of all the racers (which got us really nervous HAHA). Plus, the meal afterwards at the lounge was really good. :) apl.de.ap was also there! Too bad I couldn’t get a photo with him cos his security was so tight! :( Oh wellz. It’s cool to think that I ran the same race as him. :))

Okay, so I think I just ran 2k or 3k and just brisk-walked the other 7k or 8k. HAHA! But still, I cant believe I did it with a super aching body, no training whatsoever, 2 hours of sleep, and shoes that were about to break. HAHA! WILD! It was so amazing to see 13, 000 + people running at this event. I just had to stop at certain points and be awed. :) I finished at 1:36:00, which I think is okay for my first time to run 10k. HAHA! No regrets, just love. If ever I join another 10k, hopefully I’ll do it when I’m in better condition. :))  

Thank you, Lord for this wonderful long weekend full of amazing moments! Looking forward to what You have in store for me this last month of 2012. :)

No regrets, just love.

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Everything Starts with an Idea/Concept but the rest is up to you to create that Idea/Concept and bring it to life……

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Everything Starts with an Idea/Concept but the rest is up to you to create that Idea/Concept and bring it to life……
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#nike #nikesb #sneakers #justforkicks #shoes #hype (Taken with instagram)


#nike #nikesb #sneakers #justforkicks #shoes #hype  (Taken with instagram)
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