The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Joey: Here we are. I, uh. ...I think I'm falling in love with you.
Rachel: What?
Joey: I'm falling in love with you.
Rachel: *looks around* Who you talking to? Oh, you're kidding. Oh, it's a joke. *laughs* It's funny...I don't get it.
Joey: *shakes his head*
Rachel: Oh. Okay. Uh. How? ...are you, uh. How did, uh? When?
Joey: Does it really matter?
Rachel: *shakes her head* Wow. Wow, it is hot in here.
Joey: I know this is a lot. You don't have to say anything. You, uh. You take as much time as you need. *after a while* Okay, you gotta say something!
Rachel: Joey. Joey, I love you so much. But I-
Joey: But... *sighs*
Rachel: Joey.
Joey: No, it's alright. That's, um. That's okay, it's fine. It's uh, pretty much what I was expecting, you know. So, uh. It's no big deal, alright?
Rachel: Joey, I don't want to lose you.
Joey: Hey, hey. You can't. Okay? Ever.

I have classes that are not pre-enlisted so I have to sign up for a class where there is the possibility that I wont know anyone or I wont be with my close friends. This may present the opportunity to make friends, but of course, I already want to have friends that I can sit next to in class. So I always try to coordinate with my friends so that we would all be in the same classes. 

But this summer, enlistment did not go so well. My internet connection during online enlistment was so horrible that I ended up not getting the class that I wanted. I even heard that I signed up for a class with the worst instructor possible. So I thought, fuck, no friends + horrible teacher… Great. I was in for a sucky summer semester.

But it turns out that when I got to class, I saw a few familiar faces but I was not close to them so I did not sit next to those people. I saw one of my blockmates, so I sat with her. Then another friend of mine came in and he sat next to me. So I thought, hey, this might not be so bad.

And I was right. The class was not that bad. It was not as horrible as people said it would be. It did start out awkwardly with me not knowing a lot of people and the classes were really dull and dragging. But The instructor was not HORRIBLE, but he was not that great either. He was alright, in the end. A bit tough, but with a little perseverance, it’s all good. 

And I did make new friends, which was awesome! But I must say that I am sad that we only became friends towards the end of the semester. Within this week actually. We had this class project and we all worked together. My classmates turned out to be really fun people and I wish that I got to know them earlier.

Dont you find that annoying? Discovering something great only to find out that you could only enjoy it for a really short time. Boo.

That was the down-side of my summer semester, not making new friends right away. Because, most likely, during the regular school year, we wont see each other anymore and it will be nothing more than just waves and smiles as we pass each other in the hallways. 

Oh, well. Point is, I made new friends and I was able to survive the semester. I have two final exams, one on Monday and the other on Wednesday. Just two more days and it’s HELLO, SUMMER VACAY (even if it’s for only for a couple of weeks)! 

So here’s to the summer sem that turned out to be alright! I love it when things turn out to be the opposite of what you expected (in a good way, of course). :)

And now it’s time for me to study for said finals. LET’S DO THIS, EC102 & PoS100! :>

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12 Oct 11 at 7 am

Mikka Aquino, 2011

I find it really amazing that I have such GREAT FRIENDS who support me and try to push me to do my best even if I complain and whine all the time about how sucky my life is and how much I fail and how I cannot accomplish anything and depressing shit like that. I would like to thank God for bringing in such amazing, caring and real people to my life. 

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"No one fails at life unless they stopped trying to live."


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30 Nov 10 at 7 am

Live for the nights you wont remember with people you wont forget.

(e) Cinta Posadas // (op) Andie Rondain

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Live for the nights you wont remember with people you wont forget.
(e) Cinta Posadas // (op) Andie Rondain